Yukarı Çık

Production | Anil Tannery

Within 15.000 square meter closed area equipped with the latest tanning machineries, Anil Tannery has a daily capacity of 10.000 kg bovine and 4.000 items of lamb production selected from the best raw materials.

We are dedicated to steady improvement of the quality of our products, production efficiency and customer satisfaction. Through our strategic planning, and powerful R&D approach for new trends in various fields of leather, we provide top products to the leading fashion companies in the world with an excellent customer service.

Our machinery park is renovated and developed continuously to standardize the leather production processes and sustain R&D investments to conduct the business integrity. Environmentally responsible production is an indispansable part of our production philosophy. Eco-friendly chemicals, having REACH certification and selected specially from world top suppliers, are used in Anil Tannery for environmental responsibility, safety of products as well as safety of our workplace.